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Artist Statement

I paint to express my joy of living.  Simple, beautiful moments captured through colour, images, shapes, line and texture.  I create in my home studio in Hammonds Plains listening to music and burning my favourite essential oils. 


Inspiration comes from my fascination with nature and all its amazing colours, travelling, the human spirit and my love of life.  Seeing art from around the world also inspires me.


In my recent work I am exploring abstraction through fluid paint, colour, and motion.  Abstract art creates such a sense of freedom and individuality for me and I'm really enjoying the process. Seascapes, landscapes, florals and trees are favourite subjects to paint as well.


Acrylic is my medium of choice for it’s versatility and ease of use.  I also use other media such as gels, modeling paste, oil sticks, pens, ink and resin to create mixed media pieces.  I love colour and will often use bright, bold colour along with metallic and iridescent paints or pigments.  Most of my work is done with a brush, sometimes I use a palette knife or other tools.  When doing abstract pieces I may use pouring and drip techniques as well as brush work. 


"Creativity is a combination of discipline and childlike spirit"

Robert Greene

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